Ombredane Dominique
Tel : +33 2 23 48 55 69


laboratoire d'écologie et sciences phytosanitaires



Ecology and management of freshwater ecosystems, Biology and ecology of aquatic animals

Current Position

Professor in ESP (Écologie et Sciences Phytosanitaires) teaching staff of Ecology Department in Agrocampus Ouest
Senior Scientist, Conservation and Restoration of Aquatic Ecosystems research group, Ecology and Ecosystem Health research unit

Current Research Topics

My research has a general theme: fish community functioning of salmonids in freshwater ecosystems.
I currently investigate the impact of human activities on the functioning of fish populations. I study the simultaneous influence of natural and anthropic factors on the survival (embryonic, in particular) and spatial and temporal distribution of migratory salmonids. The aim is to understand population functioning and dynamics at the catchment scale. My objective is also to propose tools for biomonitoring the health of rivers and decision-making support for management of these ecosystems.



Development and Consulting Experience

Ph.D. supervision gives me the opportunity to do research and development in tropical countries on extensive fish farming in ponds (co-supervision of 2 Ph.D. students, whose experiments were carried out in Cameroon) or on species-habitat relations (2 Ph.D. students co-supervised). Moreover, I performed an expert evaluation of the functioning of tilapia fish farming in Ivory Coast and collaborated with the University of Hué, Vietnam, for the implementation of a research station about shrimp pond farming. More recently, I represent Agrocampus Ouest in the Program of support to the research in network in Africa ( PARRAF) - Network of research and development on the family extensive fish Systems in Western and central Africa ( Re-SyPiEx) grouping Benin, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and France. In France, I am member of various scientific councils (migratory fishes of the Aulne river, Management of the St Michel lake), participate within the framework of the CRESEB in the methodological transfer and am a member of authorities of the General Council (CCE), the DDTM35 (CDNPS).

Teaching Activities

As a professor, I teach about 250 h every year.

In the 1st year of the agricultural engineer program at Agrocampus Ouest, my courses concern ecology and training courses on farms.

I mainly teach Masters degree courses at Agrocampus Ouest: