Le Pape Olivier
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Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology



Marine and coastal ecology

Current Position

  • Professor in marine and coastal ecology since 2009
  • Vice-Director of the Ecology and Ecosystem Health research unit
  • Head of the Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology research group


Current Research Topics
  • Essential fish habitats in estuarine and coastal areas
  • Anthropogenic pressure on fish habitats and fish population renewal
  • Climate change and marine ecosystems
Imares and NIOZ (NL), University of Lisbon (PO), CEFAS (UK), University of Bergen and Institute of Marine Research (NO), University of Hamburg (D), University of Leuven (B), NOAA (USA)


Consulting Experience

  • Adviser on fisheries and coastal management (European & Western African fisheries, Marine Stewardship Council), European water and marine strategy framework directives, harbour extension and dredging, granulate extraction in French coastal and estuarine areas, marine protected areas in French waters (Scientific council of the French Marine Protected Areas agency).
  • Reviewer of the 5th IPCC report.

Teaching Experience

Oceanography, climate change, marine ecology, coastal management, fisheries science, ecosystem approach to fisheries, essential fish habitats, geographic information systems, data mining, statistics, trophic models

M.Sc. and Ph.D. Supervision

16 M.Sc. and 8 Ph.D.

Participation to the projects of the research unit


PhD and Msc supervision

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