Le Bris Hervé
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Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology



Marine coastal and estuarine ecology, Trophic ecology, Aquaculture

Current Position

Professor at Agrocampus Ouest


Current Research Topics

My current research focuses on benthic habitats and bentho-demersal trophic ecology in estuarine and marine coastal areas that shelter juvenile fish and aquaculture structures. The general objective is to assess the ecological quality and functioning of such ecosystems. It is based on the study of benthic and demersal fishes and their trophic relationships (predation, competition) with benthic invertebrate communities (macro- and megafauna). This research aims to determine the spatial limit of terrestrial nutrient inputs within benthic food webs at depths up to 200 m.
From an applied aspect, it explores, using trophic-web analyses, the response of aquatic ecosystems to human pressure caused by aquaculture (fish or bivalve farms) and agriculture (green tides).


  • University of Western Brittany (UBO, Brest)


Teaching Experience

Biology and ecology of aquatic organisms applied to fishery and aquaculture (180 hours/year) mainly for M.Sc. degree students

M.Sc. and Ph.D. Supervision

M.Sc. Students
Robert A., 2013. Feeding rhythmicity and inter-specific competition between benthic and demersal juvenile fish. Master 2, Mention Sciences de l'Univers, Environnement, Ecologie; Spécialité Océanographie et Environnements Marins. Université Pierre et Marie Curie. M.Sc. co-supervised with A. Brind'Amour (IFREMER Nantes) and A. Tableau (Ph.D. student)

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PhD and Msc supervision

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