Guitton Jérôme
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Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology



    Improving knowledge on Stocks and Ecosystems :
    • European project coordination : DEMERSTEM EU project aims to improve knowledge on Demersal stocks and Ecosystems in West Africa
    • I am involved in the Fisheries Information System for UEMOA : we want to promote and develop a common framework for Fisheries Informations System (Maritime or Inland Fisheries) for the UEMOA eight countries

  • Information System expert: I support projects by setting up, populating, and disseminating fisheries databases and knowledge on Stocks and Ecosystems.
  • Software developer: To manage fisheries information systems, I develop database-linked websites to enable users to access the data provided by projects. I regularly implement online atlas to disseminate an organised view of the data I manage. I am also involved in the development of the popular Ecopath software for ecosystem modelling.

Current Position


Current Research Topics
Improving process to produce scientific advice on Stocks or Ecosystems : data collection, models, scientific advice production and knowledge dissemination
Fisheries information systems

  • IFREMER, Département Ecologie et modèles pour l’halieutique
  • IRD, UMR Ecosystèmes marins exploités, CRH, Sète, France
  • CNSHB, Guinea
  • IMROP, Mauritania
  • CRODT, Senegal
  • CIPA, Guinée Bissau
  • CRO, Côte d'Ivoire
  • Fisheries commission, Ghana
  • IEO, Spain
  • SZN, Italy
  • ECOWAS, West african economic community
  • UEMOA, Union Economique et Monétaire Ouest Africaine


Consulting Experience

Studies in managing vessel monitoring systems (Mauritania, Indian Ocean)
Improving process to produce scientific advice on Stocks or Ecosystems

Teaching Experience

I teach students courses on Geographic Information Systems and data management to elaborate maps with softwares such as R or Qgis; Masters degree in fisheries sciences.
I teach scientists to use spatial database potential. The use of the Postgis extension of Postgres to fisheries supports these courses. (IFREMER, INRAE, IRD, etc.).

Participation to the projects of the research unit


PhD and Msc supervision

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