Fisheries and Aquatic Science Center Staff

A multidisciplinary transverse structure

Fisheries and Aquatic Science Center is a multidisciplinary transverse structure which brings together the teacher-researchers and staff of l'Institut Agro Rennes-Angers from the teaching and research departments and teaching units (UP) involved in the field of fisheries.

At the service of training, research and transfer projects in the field of the exploitation of living aquatic resources, it integrates upstream the preservation of ecosystems and the development of maritime and continental environments, and downstream, the production and recovery sectors, and all the uses of aquatic environments.

Direction et administration du Pôle halieutique

Gascuel Didier Scientist
Le Balc'h Véronique Administrative Officer
Le Penven Catherine Administrative Officer
Lesueur Marie

Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology

Alglave Baptiste Ph.D. Student
Brosset Pablo Scientist
Champagnat Juliette Ph.D. Student
Gascuel Didier Scientist Ecosystem modelling and trophic-level-based approach, Stock assessment methodologies and modelling of fish population dynamic, Bio-economic modelling, West African fisheries, European fisheries
Guibourd de Luzinais Vianney Ph.D. Student
Guitton Jérôme Scientist EU project coordination, Fisheries Information Systems, GIS, PHP,Database dissemination, Postgis, Postgres
Lebot Clément Scientist
Lécuyer Romain Ph.D. Student
Le Berre Thomas Technician
Le Penven Catherine Administrative Officer
Le Bris Hervé Scientist Marine coastal and estuarine ecology, Trophic ecology, Aquaculture
Le Pape Olivier Scientist Marine and coastal ecology, Essential fish habitats in estuarine and coastal areas, Consequences of anthropogenic pressure on fish population renewal, Climate change and marine ecosystems
Ougier Sandra Ph.D. Student
Outrequin Thomas Ph.D. Student
Potier Mikaëla Ph.D. Student
Quemper Florian Scientist
Rivot Etienne Scientist Population dynamics, Demography, Fisheries Ecology, Statistical Ecology, Statistics, Hierarchical Bayesian Models, Uncertainty
Sadoul Bastien Scientist Adaptation, stress, aquaculture, ecosystem, bioenergetic modelling

laboratoire des sciences des aliments et procédés industriels

Guérin-Dubiard Catherine

laboratoire d'informatique

Etienne Marie-Pierre

Cellule études et transfert, Agrocampus Ouest Centre de Rennes

Lesueur Marie
Ritschard Lucille

Cellule études et transfert, Agrocampus Ouest Site de Beg Meil

Chatel Sophie
Delaporte-Blanc Julien
Nédélec Morgane
Raymond Grégory
Spinec Florent
Veiga Lydie