Gascuel Didier
Tel : +33 2 23 48 55 34


Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology



  • Ecosystem modelling and trophic-level-based approach
  • Stock assessment methodologies and modelling of fish population dynamic
  • Bio-economic modelling
  • West African fisheries, European fisheries

Current Position

Full professor at Agrocampus Ouest
Head of the Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Centre
Director of the Master in Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences


My current research focuses on the development of trophic-level-based ecosystem models and the implementation of ecosystem approach to fisheries management. I have been especially involved in programs dealing with the assessment of ecosystem impacts of fishing in Western African countries (Guinea, Mauritania, etc.) and in European seas. I notably developed the ECOTROPH ecosystem model and also worked on assessing the efficiency of marine protected areas.


Consulting Experience

  • Head of the French Association of Fisheries Scientists (Association Française d'Halieutique)
  • Member of the European STECF (Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries STECF) and Chairman (2010-2012) of the STECF Experts working group on the ecosystem approach to fisheries management
  • Member of the Joint Scientific Committee for the fishing partnership agreement between UE and Mauritania
  • Chairman of the Strategic committee of the French national E-Learning University “Université Virtuelle Environnement et Développement durable (UVED)"

Teaching Experience

  • Leader of the Masters in Aquaculture and Fisheries Science (Sciences halieutiques et aquacoles) at Agrocampus Ouest (30 students each year)
  • Coordinator of courses on stock assessment, modelling of population dynamics and the ecosystem approach (regular and summer courses)

Participation to the projects of the research unit


PhD and Msc supervision

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